“Florida’s Anti-Maskers Are Taking a Stand”

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Please click on the link above.  I looked at this clip on YouTube….

and I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry??!!!!????

I just couldn’t fathom the twisted reasoning these people were spouting to keep from wearing a mask!   Why has health and safety become a polarizing issue in this country?

I just don’t understand what the fuss is all about??  Those same people who say wearing a mask is against their civil or God given rights, have no problem wearing a seatbelt in the car they drive in because the government told them (and showed them evidence) it would save lives to do so!     And most of them got vaccinated because the government told them to do it (and showed them evidence) it would save lives !!   The leaders in other countries don’t seem to have a problem setting an example for their people in an effort to save lives.  We just keep getting mixed messages from the top.   The experts advise out of concern, and our leaders do just the opposite !!

None of us WANT to wear masks !!  They are not comfortable.  They are not fashionable (they never match my outfit!!) !   ALL of our healthcare workers wear them; they have been wearing masks for eons because it is a proven fact that it cuts down on the transmission of disease.   There were questions early on whether or not you should wear them to keep from getting sick or if you should only wear one if you were sick.   That was then, when we were in the process of learning how this disease was transmitted.  We know now that everyone should be wearing masks to both prevent you from getting Covid-19 and to prevent others from catching it from you, especially if you are not exhibiting any outward symptoms.   So many people are testing positive that are asymptomatic that is is nearly impossible to know who has it.   And if you are in a high-risk medical category, which now includes pregnant women, you are more likely to suffer more serious consequences, including death, if you get it.   If you don’t care about yourself, at least care about spreading this to others. 

It would help if we had some guidance.  I do blame our President for not showing any leadership on this matter.   All of the medical professionals at the highest level are telling him what measures need to be taken.  They are all walking the talk.  But Trump will not lead by example.   I heard him say wearing a mask didn’t make him look presidential !   Wearing a mask doesn’t make ME look retired !!   No, that statement didn’t make much sense either.    It’s not about how you LOOK in a mask !    I notice other world leaders were wearing masks to show their people it was the right thing to do.   If we were shown a united front on this healthcare issue, all of us would be more inclined to do the right thing.   

And as a footnote, I think it is nothing short of immoral for Trump to ask the Supreme Court to shut down the Affordable Care Act, in the middle of a pandemic !!  It would result in over 20 million people losing their health insurance and remove any protections for pre-existing conditions.  And the Trump administration is offering NO ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT to this so-called  “unlawful failure”!!!     How can he….our you justify this ????

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