I Didn’t Think They’d Go THIS Low!!!

Okay; this lowered the bar so much, I became quite irate!!!!  Another one of my Christian “friends” posted this on their Facebook page.  They are trying to insinuate that Biden is a “groomer” for child molestation.  I’m sorry I have to ask you to watch this horse manure :





This is ridiculous!  It is amazing how you can twist something into such a vile misrepresentation.  Shameful!!  And certainly ungodly!!



So you condone his actions?



(Name Omitted),  some people are “touchy”.  You know good and well that doesn’t make them a molester!!!!  I’m a “hugger”.  Some people don’t like to be touched and you don’t know that until they tell you or react to you.  When the “Me Too” movement came along, someone called him out for this and he apologized.  These clips are old. What you are spreading is completely unfounded and ugly AND YOU KNOW IT !!!   You should be ashamed….but I know you’re not.  This is so hypocritical!   This goes beyond partisan politics!!!  I shouldn’t have to tell you how wrong this is ….



Wanda Eaves-Taylor,  then don’t.  I disagree with how he behaves with these children.  Look at the expressions of these children and adults he’s holding onto.  Hugging is one thing, especially if you know the person.  He doesn’t know these children, he’s just meeting them.  If anyone should be ashamed it’s people who handle children this way.  Apparently our views of ‘right and wrong’ are different on this subject.  Have you been researching what’s going on with human trafficking, child pornography, and pedophilia lately?  How deep this evil is embedded in this world?  That there are some who want to normalize pedophilia, saying it’s a normal sexual attraction?  It’s satanic and disgusting.  I’m not saying Biden is part of that but how he behaves in these video clips if not okay.




(Name Omitted)   I am NOT talking about human trafficking, child pornography, etc.   I am talking about you spreading this attack on ONE man’s character purely for political purposes!!  We all grew up with our parents telling us to give Grandma or Uncle John a hug or kiss when they visited us.  Some kids were fine with it; other kids pulled away or resisted.  As a child, I’m sure most of us females have heard someone say they were pretty.  I’ve heard it said “you can’t date until you’re 30” in an innocent endearing reference.  That didn’t make that person some sort of pervert.  A person learns to set their own personal space.  This video shows many of the same individuals multiple times to purposely make it seem like there were numerous incidences.  Some of these were photo opportunities where people crowded together.  All of us have taken pictures like this, and the first instinct is the put your arm around a person’s waist or around someone’s shoulder.  I can’t remember that one woman’s name that he was behind in that one photo, but she defended it in the media saying she and Joe were old friends and she felt comforted when he had his hands on her shoulders and was whispering something in her ear.   Like I said, THIS was done out of partisan politics, not a real concern about the things you are protesting.  You ARE saying Biden is part of it, or you would have just put something out there that featured REAL child molesters or human traffickers.  That feels pretty low.



Another friend of theirs chimed in and responded :

I have seen some of these events on the news for years and have always felt squeamish about them. I am not accusing anyone of anything, but I do see this behavior as inappropriate when women and children react so negatively at any time, in any place, by anyone.



To which I responded :

I stand by what I said.  When that woman (during the height of the Me Too movement; I can’t remember her name) informed him that she was uncomfortable with it, he made a public apology.  Said  he didn’t realize he was making people  uncomfortable, and I don’t recall seeing him do anything like this  since someone made him aware.  People making a surprised face  behind his back (I’m sure ALL of us have done this to someone in our lifetime and never TOLD that person that we didn’t like it; we just positioned ourselves differently the NEXT time so it didn’t happen that way again!) or a child pulling away (which I also said kids either do that or not even with their own family members) is something that happens everyday.  A person in the public eye gets more scrutiny than we do.  As you said yourself, you’ve seen him do this for years, cause that’s just the way he interacted with people, like it or not.  No one confronted or  challenged him about it.   But all of a sudden, for political reasons, he’s now he’s being portrayed as some kind of pervert. That’s  low.  And the wording for the upholding this view is an exact carbon copy of what QAnon is using – evil, Satan-worshiping pedophile.  That’s what my objection is.  Our political differences are one thing, but  to attempt to assassinate someone’s character by insinuating someone is a groomer for pedophilia two months before an election is a totally different ball game.  His opponent said some pretty odd statements about his daughter.  If someone took a string of photos, imposed what he said over that, then has an “expert” speak out on it – that  would be the SAME vile, twisted misrepresentation, and I would be just as outraged!!! 


Then the original person responded :

Think what you like, explain it away, your prerogative. Just as everyone has theirs. God sees the heart. God knows all. Justice will prevail even if only when he stands before God. The evil runs deep here (on earth) and it’s being exposed. Ignoring it doesn’t change it. Same with truth, it doesn’t change. Repetitively beating the issue here doesn’t change truth, and God is the only One who know the truth. I trust in Him.


I responded:

you’re right- God does know the truth. I am thankful for that !!


They then said :

I’m resting in that truth with all my heart. It’s difficult some days, and we all have our opinions, but imagine those opinions in God’s hands. How do they look? What does He do with them? Do they please Him or grieve Him? Just a few thoughts of mine this morning.


I replied:

Opinions are one thing; spreading vile unsubstantiated information for political purposes is another. I don’t think this pleases Him. I think this grieves him as much as the behavior itself.


They said :

Here again, God knows the truth on this. Leave it to Him and stop condemning me for posting it. Not your job.


I made my last response :

Don’t worry. Can’t keep exposing myself to this trash anymore. Won’t bother you again.




I am told that this twisted attitude about Democrats has it’s roots in an organization called QAnon.

This PBS interview explains the origins of this group and what they are about :




My bad; I was totally unfamiliar with this group.  Something else I have to worry about now…..  Apparently this organization was tailor-made for people that believe in conspiracy theories.  It supposedly is a group composed of high-level military intelligence personnel, closely associated with Trump.   Their mission is basically good against evil.  They want to destroy the Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are controlling everything – politics, entertainment and the media.  Wow!!!  That certainly fits in with this video that this person is circulating.  They are even using the group’s same verbage in their response to me!!!


“When they go low, we go high.”  Michelle Obama said that.  I say this was about as low as one could get!!   I am so trying not to go there!!!   But I have to – just as an illustration.   I remember Trump saying something to the effect that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he would date her.  Now, I’m not saying he’s incestuous, but if I made some sort of video using pictures of him innocently hugging her or showing her some affection, overdubbed it with his statement, then had some “authority figure” speak out against incest over all of that…. then it would be okay, cause I not saying Trump is incestuous, I would just be speaking out against that sort of behavior !!   Right !!!    I don’t think God would appreciate me doing something like this, or supporting this, or spreading it around on the internet, and I would not be able try to hide MY ugliness behind HIS words in an attempt to cover my ass!!!


This person knew exactly what message they were conveying!  Then they tried to innocently play it off as this being just an illustration of  “grooming behavior” for a cause they were against.  This political partisanship has been extremely polarizing, more so than I’ve ever seen or experienced before in my life!!  This political assassination,  masquerading as a public service ad, was one of the most abominable things I have ever seen.   I’ve discovered some pretty ugly things concerning BLM, the Confederacy, politics, among other things that this individual has posted on-line, but for me, this one took the cake!!!


Not going to excuse a person who claims to be a Christian for stooping this low.

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