Trump’s Re-Election Strategy

What is Trump’s strategy? By David Leonhardt August 28, 2020   [ ]   The goal of this week’s Republican convention wasn’t always clear.  At times, it presented President Trump — as a champion of immigrants, a promoter of racial justice and a defender of women — in ways that obviously conflicted with his … Continue reading Trump’s Re-Election Strategy

Arthur A. “Jay” Eaves, Jr.

This month marks the fifth year we’ve been without him.  I remember getting the dreaded phone call that informed me of his was surreal.  My nephew, my brother’s only child, our Mother’s only grandchild.  Our hearts have never healed from that loss.   Jay was truly a gift from God.  He was our miracle-child.  … Continue reading Arthur A. “Jay” Eaves, Jr.

I Didn’t Think They’d Go THIS Low!!!

Okay; this lowered the bar so much, I became quite irate!!!!  Another one of my Christian “friends” posted this on their Facebook page.  They are trying to insinuate that Biden is a “groomer” for child molestation.  I’m sorry I have to ask you to watch this horse manure :   I RESPONDED: This … Continue reading I Didn’t Think They’d Go THIS Low!!!

The Only American Coup D’État

I am almost embarrassed to say that I had never even heard of this until now!!! A very significant occurrence in American history that has been altered or “erased” ......   The Lost History of an American Coup D’État Republicans and Democrats in North Carolina are locked in a battle over which party inherits the … Continue reading The Only American Coup D’État