Trump’s Military Comments

THE NATIONAL INTEREST        SEPT. 4, 2020      [ ]   Here’s All the Corroboration for the Atlantic Story on Trump Attacking Troops By Jonathan Chait         Whenever a new report with an inside account of President Trump’s immorality or ignorance appears in the press, it includes a paragraph … Continue reading Trump’s Military Comments

Trump’s Re-Election Strategy

What is Trump’s strategy? By David Leonhardt August 28, 2020   [ ]   The goal of this week’s Republican convention wasn’t always clear.  At times, it presented President Trump — as a champion of immigrants, a promoter of racial justice and a defender of women — in ways that obviously conflicted with his … Continue reading Trump’s Re-Election Strategy

I Didn’t Think They’d Go THIS Low!!!

Okay; this lowered the bar so much, I became quite irate!!!!  Another one of my Christian “friends” posted this on their Facebook page.  They are trying to insinuate that Biden is a “groomer” for child molestation.  I’m sorry I have to ask you to watch this horse manure :   I RESPONDED: This … Continue reading I Didn’t Think They’d Go THIS Low!!!