Arthur A. “Jay” Eaves, Jr.

This month marks the fifth year we’ve been without him.  I remember getting the dreaded phone call that informed me of his was surreal.  My nephew, my brother’s only child, our Mother’s only grandchild.  Our hearts have never healed from that loss.   Jay was truly a gift from God.  He was our miracle-child.  … Continue reading Arthur A. “Jay” Eaves, Jr.

“Florida’s Anti-Maskers Are Taking a Stand”

YouTube link Please click on the link above.  I looked at this clip on YouTube.... and I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry??!!!!???? I just couldn’t fathom the twisted reasoning these people were spouting to keep from wearing a mask!   Why has health and safety become a polarizing issue in this country? … Continue reading “Florida’s Anti-Maskers Are Taking a Stand”